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Green Building Drywall Recycling

The drywall recycling process begins with the separation of scrap gypsum drywall in the USA.

Drywall recycling is completed by crushing, screening, then selling the gypsum products as a soil amendment used to replace mined gypsum products.

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Natural Gypsum Products

USA Gypsum provides scrap drywall recycling services to the manufactured housing, construction industries and C&D recycling, turning the recycled drywall into gypsum products that are marketed under the USA Gypsum trademark.


USA Gypsum is dedicated to creating natural gypsum for lawns, industrial and agricultural use through cost-effective and environmentally sound drywall recycling.


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Buy granular gypsum for lawns & gardens, pulverized gypsum for farms, and ultra fine gypsum for industry and special applications.

The Benefits

  • Drywall is recycled into useful products instead of going to a landfill
  • Reduced disposal fees for the producer and contractor
  • Farmers pay less than mined gypsum prices
  • Farmers save money on animal bedding compared to wood shavings
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