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Construction & Demolition Recyclers & Transfer Stations

Construction & Demolition Recycling

Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling

6-10% of typical construction waste is gypsum wallboard. When gypsum is not separated it becomes added volume and contamination in the fines which are used for Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) or land filled along with other trash.


  • Recycling of wallboard from the Construction & Demolition waste stream

Construction & Demolition RecyclingReliable

  • USA Gypsum recycles wallboard waste year round at 2 recycling facilities in Pennsylvania
  • USA Gypsum provides wallboard recycling for over 30 Construction & Demolition waste recycle facilities and transfer stations in 9 states
  • Fully permitted, licensed and insured
  • USA Gypsum will provide reports to assist with LEED documentation

Construction & Demolition RecyclingProven

  • Over 20 years of experience shows that we will be there as your recycling outlet and wallboard will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner in compliance with regulations
  • References available

Construction & Demolition RecyclingEfficient Transportation

  • USA Gypsum offers efficient transportation options for drywall scraps throughout the Mid Atlantic, North East and New England states using roll offs and walking floor and dump trailers

How Wallboard is Separated from Construction Waste

Separating wallboard from mixed construction waste requires different procedures than waste that can be successfully recovered from the pick lines. Construction & Demolition waste processing systems typically push up large piles with wheel loaders and load systems with grapples. As a result, boards become crushed and mostly lost to the fines screens. Pre-crushers further reduce recoverable-sized particles from sort lines. Due to construction procedures, loads consisting primarily of wallboard with incidental installation waste such as buckets, caulk tubes and metal studding often arrive in close proximity.

Construction & Demolition Processors, who successfully reclaim high percentages of gypsum board, dump these loads in a separate spot on the tip floor. The processors conduct a manual positive floor sort to recover the wallboard. They then stage it in a bunk or in roll off containers until a tractor trailer load is accumulated.

By partnering with USA Gypsum, you demonstrate a commitment to recycling and enter into a working relationship with a company that is recognized as a leader in wallboard recycling with unmatched accountability and transparency.

Contact USA Gypsum today to find out how gypsum wallboard can successfully be diverted.

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