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Construction Waste Haulers

Drywall Recycling for Contractors

Managing Construction Waste

Construction waste haulers can deliver roll off containers to a job site and transport the containers loaded with wallboard scraps to USA Gypsum. We offer hauler discounts and the documentation needed for LEED green building projects.

Benefits of Working with USA Gypsum

  • Clean site which prevents potential tire problems
  • No waiting in lines to unload
  • No need to tie up your trucks or containers. Subcontract to USA Gypsum and make a margin.
  • Distance is not a problem. Check with us for local transfer stations or consolidation sites.

Start working with USA Gypsum to enhance your waste removal services.
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By partnering with USA Gypsum, you demonstrate a commitment to recycling and enter into a working relationship with a company that is recognized as a leader in wallboard recycling with unmatched accountability and transparency.


  • Lower costs than land filling


  • Fully permitted, licensed and insured
  • USA Gypsum receives drywall scraps year round at 2 recycling facilities in Pennsylvania


  • Over 17 years of experience shows that we will be there as your recycling outlet and drywall will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner in compliance with regulations

Construction Waste HaulersOpportunity

Source-separated wastes (wood, metal, concrete, wallboard, etc.) can be 100 percent recycled. The best mixed debris recyclers reach rates of about 80%, and many recycle at 30% to 60%. Source separation provides the highest recycling rates for construction wastes. For example, aggregates, gypsum wallboard and wood can be taken to recyclers for much less than landfill rates. Metals and cardboard are revenue generators.

Construction waste recycling is expanding rapidly. More architects and owners are asking for sustainable building practices, almost always including recycling. Contractors are responding by offering “green building” services. Processors are springing up to recycle everything from wallboard to roofing. And construction waste haulers are getting involved by adding recycling as a new service. Haulers are a critical link. Contractors look to construction waster haulers not just to swap containers on schedule, but to tell them what can be recycled and what can’t, to provide markets, and to track where waste goes. Construction waste haulers can provide value to their customers by providing the documentation that’s critical for LEED or other green building codes that require calculation and documentation of recycling rates.

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