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Drywall Recycling for Contractors

Drywall Recycling

Save on Your Job with Recycling

USA Gypsum offers convenient drywall recycling service from your job site. Whether you are the construction manager, general contractor or interior contractor, we can help you determine the best drywall recycling method offering the most savings for your job.

Drywall Recycling Container Service

Contact USA Gypsum for a roll off container for your drywall scraps or ask your hauler to deliver drywall scraps to USA Gypsum for a reduced cost.

Drywall Recycling for ContractorsDifficult Job Site?

USA Gypsum offers drywall recycling solutions for a wide range of job sites. From urban settings, where construction elevators are used and trucks are live-loaded on city streets, to remote national forest settings, we can develop a plan that works for you.

Ready to start recycling your drywall? Contact USA Gypsum today! By partnering with USA Gypsum, you demonstrate a commitment to the environment and enter into a working relationship with a company that is:

Drywall Recycling for ContractorsCost-effective

  • Avoid landfill costs


  • Fully permitted, licensed and insured
  • USA Gypsum receives drywall scraps year round at 2 recycling facilities in Pennsylvania


  • Our 20 years of experience show that we will be there as your recycling outlet and drywall will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner, in compliance with regulations


Many contractors have realized that recycling is the future for gypsum wallboard waste. Finding a hauler knowledgeable about markets, and willing to take direction about where and how wastes are to be handled is important. They are willing to give up short trips to provide the services you ask for. They will provide proof of recycling including weight slips and delivery receipts, and the best of them will help calculate project recycling rates and prepare documentation for LEED or other certification.

The haulers who are making these changes realize that recycling—legitimate recycling—is a path toward increased profits. By offering services that distinguish them from “traditional” haulers, they will attract market share. And by adding value to the services they offer, they can sustain profitability. Look for a hauler following this model and you will have found a good partner. But change is required from the contractor’s side as well. If you buy the arguments that recycling is too complicated, costs too much and will get in the way of the job, you’ll have sold yourself short.

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