USA Gypsum Multipurpose Commercial Fertilizer Spreader

One Spreader many different uses

The USA Gypsum drop spreader is a Heavy-duty unit designed for farm and commercial landscapers. Precisely apply fine powders such as dry gypsum and lime uniformly without plugging or bridging. Users can save money by using less expensive powders instead of pelletized products. The spreader also handles almost any dry soil amendment or deicing material.

USA Gypsum Drop Spreader

  • Precision control for accurate placement of powders
  • 5ft coverage width
  • 13 cu.ft. hopper 500-1,000lb capacity
  • Ground driven easy to pull with ATV
  • Ground drive with Lock out for towing
  • Works well with difficult powders or free flowing Materials
  • The unique agitator and adjustment gate keeps material flowing evenly for precision application
  • Great for poultry litter amendment, gypsum powder granular or pellets
  • Also works well with dry lime, sand, salt and fertilizer


  • Ground driven with lock out hubs
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge & 3/16″ steel
  • Stainless steel adjustment gate
  • Heavy duty wheels & tires
  • Greaseable bronze bearings
  • Shipping weight 510 lbs.
  • 1 year warranty

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Coming Soon… 3′ Push Drop Spreader for Small Plots

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