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Since 1998 USA Gypsum has been providing quality gypsum products for soil conditioning, cement, gypsum drywall and much more. We provide unmatched service including packaging options and custom blends to meet our customer’s gypsum application needs. USA Gypsum also offers transportation solutions nationwide and is an experienced exporter. If you need to buy gypsum put our experience, quality products and transportation options to work for a cost effective convenient solution.


High Quality Gypsum Products for a Multitude of Uses

As the industry leader, USA Gypsum is committed to creating high quality gypsum products for lawns, agricultural use and industrial use through cost-effective and environmentally sound drywall recycling. Whether you need a single bag for your home or garden or larger deliveries for farms or industrial use, we provide a variety of packaging options and custom blends to meet your needs.


Build more productive soil the natural way. Our agricultural gypsum works as a soil amendment, conditioner and fertilizer providing soluble calcium and sulfate sulfur without affecting pH. Gypsum improves soil’s physical properties by reducing soil dispersion and promoting flocculation, resulting in less nutrient losses due to sediment run-off.

Dairy Bedding & Barn Dry

Keep bedding dry and reduce exposure to environmental pathogens by adding all-natural gypsum to sawdust, shavings, straw, corn fodder and other bedding materials.

Horse Bedding Additives

Top-quality gypsum horse bedding additives mean healthier horses. Our gypsum products absorb moisture and urine like a sponge, keeping horse stalls cleaner and drier.

Soil Remediation & Stabilization

Alone or combined with other soil amendments, our gypsum products are perfect to address problems with contaminated or disturbed soils.

Lawn & Garden

Get the lush lawn and beautiful garden you’ve always wanted! Lawn and garden gypsum is a natural soil conditioner that promotes a deep, healthy root system for your lawn, plants or garden.

Bulk Waste Solidifiers & Stabilizers

Quickly dry up liquids for better waste management with extra absorbent, pH neutral gypsum powder and paper facing.


The inert properties and lack of abrasiveness of our industrial gypsum makes it an ideal filler or diluent in plastics, adhesives, paint, wood filler, tile grout, body putties, textiles and other polymer applications.

Compost Additive

Perfect for the hobby composter or large commercial facility, our gypsum compost additive creates higher-quality compost more efficiently while reducing nitrogen losses and odors.

Water Clarification

Perfect to restore water clarity in muddy ponds and lakes, gypsum naturally attracts clay particles together, forming clumps that settle to the bottom.

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