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Bulk Waste Solidifiers & Stabilizers

Bulk Waste SolidifiersBulk Waste Solidifiers & Stabilizers Minimize the Release of Harmful Chemicals from Wastes

Semi solid slurries represent a significant volume of waste. Bulk waste solidifiers and stabilizers such as gypsum powder and paper facing are often used to convert liquid wastes into solids suitable for storage or disposal.

Typical applications are waste composting, drilling mud, settling pond solids and disposal of liquid waste which need to be composted, solidified or stabilized in order to be properly disposed of or remediated.

Why Use USA Gypsum Bulk Waste Solidifiers?Bulk Waste Solidification

USA Gypsum offers products which are extra absorbent, pH neutral and contain readily available calcium. They provide superior solubility compared to mined gypsum products for faster response times for your application. Our multiple gypsum products, superior service, blending and packaging options and transportation capabilities at competitive prices are unmatched in the industry.

USA Gypsum Comes in Various Forms and Sizes to Meet Your Needs:

Pulverized GypsumPulverized Gypsum

  • Particle size from 1/4″ to dust
  • Variable particle size provides extended life

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Gypsum Pellet BeddingGypsum Pellet Bedding

  • Granules from 1/2″ -1/4″ are made up of gypsum particles with voids and small pieces of paper which enhance the absorbing power and extend life

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Paper Gypsum & handsPaper + Gypsum

  • Particle size: 3″ or smaller
  • Gypsum residual with the shredded paper 45% gypsum, 55% paper fiber containing 8.5% Calcium, 5.5% Sulfate (pH 7.4)

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Customized Gypsum Solutions 

USA Gypsum can provide customized milling, blending, screening and packaging including bags and super sacks. Our knowledgeable staff has worked with many companies, both small and large, to create custom finished materials to meet their specific needs.


Our facility can receive and ship via end dumps, flatbeds, vans, or containers.

Bulk Waster SolidifiersWhat is Bulk Waste Solidification & Stabilization?


A technique that encapsulates in a monolithic solid with structural integrity. Solidification does not necessarily involve a chemical reaction between solidification materials but may mechanically bind the materials preventing migration by decreasing the surface area exposed to leaching or by isolating the materials.


Refers to techniques that reduce the hazard potential of materials by converting them to their least soluble mobile or toxic form. The physical properties of the materials are not necessarily changed by stabilization.


Refers to techniques used to improve material structure, porosity or to lower moisture content. Bulking may also improve air flow, reduce settling or compaction. Materials are typically those with high carbon content such as paper fibers.

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