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Gypsum Horse Bedding Additives

Horse Bedding Additives

Keeping Your Horses’ Stalls Drier

Horse owners will typically stall their horses some of the time. With stalling comes increased odors from urine and manure which may be hazardous to a horse’s health. In particular, ammonia can cause problems in a horse’s upper respiratory system putting them at risk for pneumonia and other serious illnesses. It is important to choose bedding additives that will eliminate this risk.

Gypsum works like a sponge, absorbing moisture and ammonia, keeping barns drier and reducing strong odors. It is far superior to lime products which drive ammonia into the air instead of absorbing it. USA Gypsum natural gypsum horse bedding product additives are easy to use, offer superior performance and are lower in cost than competitive products.

USA Gypsum Has Horse Bedding Additives to Meet Your Housing Needs:

Pulverized GypsumPulverized Gypsum

  • Particle size from 1/4″ to dust
  • Use to dry up wet spots and coat floor when stripping stalls and before placing shavings

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Grip X1 Animal Bedding AdditiveGripX1 Barn Dry

  • Particle size from 1/4″ to dust
  • A carefully formulated blend of gypsum and soft high cal lime
  • Offers superior traction and drying capability

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GripX2 Organic Barn DryGripX2 Organic Barn Dry

  • Provides the advantages of Gripx1 but uses mined gypsum produced without heat or additives as required by USDA & OMRI

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Gypsum Pellet BeddingGypsum Pellet Bedding

  • Granules from 1/2″-1/4″ are low in dust
  • When stripping a stall, scatter 1/2 a bag of Gypsum Pellet Bedding additive over the floor
  • Use more in wet spots
  • Place normal bedding over gypsum
  • When maintaining stalls, remove wet bedding, add 10 lbs. of Gypsum Pellet Bedding additive over the wet spots and cover with clean, dry bedding

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Why Gypsum Bedding Additive is Your Best Choice

  • Absorbs, neutralizes and traps ammonia away from you and your animals
  • Reduces ammonia odors generated by urine and moisture
  • Reduces the chances of pneumonia
  • Natural non-toxic mineral—safe for humans and animals
  • Gypsum is super absorbent—extends the life of your existing bedding
  • Doesn’t burn or crack hooves like lime
  • Keeps barns drier, reducing flies
  • Aids composting in manure
  • Improves manure value
  • Is cheaper than other stall additives
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