Gypsum Dairy Bedding & Barn Dry

Dairy Bedding

Improving Your Barn Environment

Organic animal bedding materials, such as sawdust, shavings, straw and corn fodder are typically used by the dairy industry. However, these organic bedding materials support conditions (moisture, nutrients, and rich pH) which are more ideal for pathogenic growth. Adding gypsum dairy bedding additives will keep bedding dry, decreasing teat end exposure to environmental mastitis pathogens and reducing somatic cell counts.

USA Gypsum Has Dairy Bedding Additives to Meet Your Housing Needs:

Pulverized Gypsum

Pulverized Gypsum

  • Particle size from 1/4″ to dust
  • Replaces hydrated lime on cow beds
  • Variable particle size provides extended life
  • Premix with bedding or top dress as needed

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Grip X1 Animal Bedding AdditiveGripX1 Barn Dry

  • Provides excellent footing on walkways and cow beds while reducing settling in gravity flow gutters and waste storage pits and lagoons

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Grip X2 Animal Bedding AdditiveGripX2 Organic Barn Dry

  • Provides the advantages of Gripx1 but uses mined gypsum produced without heat or additives as required by USDA & OMRI

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Gypsum Pellet BeddingGypsum Pellet Bedding

  • Granules from 1/2″-1/4″ are made up of gypsum particles with voids and small pieces of paper which enhance the absorbing power and extend life
  • Add to bed packs or cow beds by premixing or top dressing
  • Works well with “side shooter” bedding placement equipment

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Paper Gypsum & handsPaper + Gypsum for Deep Bed Pack Compost Barns

  • Gypsum residual with the shredded paper aids the composting process
  • Since the 1920’s, professional composters have used gypsum as a compost additive
  • Composting of organic materials leads to loss of nitrogen via ammonia volatilization
  • Gypsum helps to retain nitrogen and aerate the bed pack for better air penetration
  • Helps to balance the carbon to nitrogen ratio of the compost
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USA Gypsum GripX1 Barn Dry Animal Bedding Additives

Why Use Gypsum Dairy Bedding Additives?

  • Soft material keeps cows comfortable, clean & dry
  • Gypsum is more absorbent than sawdust or shavings
  • Gypsum can reduce cell counts and mastitis problems
  • Gypsum can reduce foot health problems
  • Non-caustic. Doesn’t burn or cause dried skin or feet like hydrated lime
  • Adds Calcium & Sulfate to manure. Soil products most producers buy.
  • Reduces dissolved phosphorous reducing PSC scores on nutrient management plans
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