Lawn and Garden Gypsum

Lawn and Garden Gypsum

Beautiful Lawns and Gardens 

Let’s face it…we all want a beautiful lawn and garden. If you’re using normal weed and feed or garden fertilizer and not seeing the results you expect, the reason may be your soil condition. Lawn and garden gypsum is a natural soil conditioner that promotes a deep, healthy root system for your lawn, plants and gardens. Simply apply and let the gypsum do the rest!

USA Gypsum Comes in Various Forms and Sizes to Meet Your Needs:

Pulverized GypsumPulverized Gypsum

  • Variable particle sizes deliver extended release
  • Broadcast with “vicon” style spreaders or drop spreaders designed for powder

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Granular GyspumGranular Gypsum

  • Free flowing, low dust, slower release
  • Broadcast with any style fertilizer spreader

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Pelleted GypsumPelleted Gypsum

  • Fastest acting form of gypsum
  • Low dust, free flowing
  • Broadcast with any fertilizer spreader
  • Care must be taken to keep completely dry until applied

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Pulverized Organic GypsumPulverized Organic Gypsum

  • Mined gypsum produced without heat or additives as required by USDA & OMRI
  • Broadcast with lime or fertilizer spreaders

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Natural Soil AeratorLawn and Garden Gypsum

  • Loosens Tight Clay Soils
  • Repairs Salt Damage from De-icing
  • Heals Animal Urine Spots
  • Provides Important Nutrients Calcium & Sulfate
  • Safe, Gentle Harmless to Pets, People & Plants

Soil Amendment, Conditioner and Fertilizer

  • USA Gypsum’s Lawn & Garden Gypsum is 21% calcium and 17% sulfate. When dissolved, it quickly releases calcium and sulfate without affecting pH and is 100% more soluable than lime.
  • Loosens clay and compacted soil, improving the structure
  • Naturally aerates soil improving water & air penetration
  • Reduces soil crusting
  • Produces early root growth
  • Increases calcium content of plants
  • Provides a low cost remedy for acid, sodic and erosion prone soils

Lawn and Garden GypsumUsing Lawn and Garden Gypsum

It is recommended that you conduct a soil analysis to ensure lawn and garden gypsum will benefit you. If no soil test is available apply as follows:


Established Lawns: Use 10 lbs. of gypsum per 150 square feet in the spring and in the fall. At these times of year, you can take advantage of seasonal moisture essential for the desired conditioning of the soil.
New Lawns: Use 10 lbs. of gypsum per 100 square feet, incorporating into the soil. Water thoroughly before seeding.

Lawn and Garden GypsumGardens

Vegetables: Spade in 10 lbs. of gypsum for every 80 square feet. Mix well with soil.
For Roses & Flowers: Spade in  1/2 lb. of gypsum per plant and mix well with soil. Soak area with water.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees: Use 2–3 lbs. of gypsum per tree.
Shrubs: Use 1–2 lbs. of gypsum per shrub. Plant shrubs the day they are purchased. Make the hole twice the diameter needed.

In the late fall, apply generous quantities of gypsum to the soil around the base of trees and shrubs to stimulate root growth. This also helps to control insects that hibernate in the soil over the winter.

Salt Damage

Winter de-icing salt is toxic to most plants and grasses when it accumulates to certain levels.  Use 1/2 lb. of gypsum per square foot to restore soil that has absorbed salt.

For all uses, when possible mix gypsum into the soil and water until gypsum dissolves.

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