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Poultry Litter Amendment

Natural Acidified Calcium Sulfate is a non-corrosive Hygrosopic powder which offers organic growers ammonia control by lowering pH and reducing caking.

Proven university pen trials and field tests demonstrate that pH Shield provides ammonia control equal to or better than other products without hazardous ingredients.

Better Litter Quality!
pH Shield is formulated to increase moisture holding capacity, reducing caking without becoming too dusty.

Improves Composting!
Successful composting requires nitrogen, oxygen, proper C:N ratio and moisture to encourage microorganism activity. pH shield retains free ammonia in the form of ammonium sulfate, a more stable form of nitrogen, pH Shield increases water holding capacity and porosity (void spaces), which reduces clumping and allows oxygen to penetrate.

Protect Your Investment!
pH Shield’s Non-Hazardous ingredients protect the health, comfort and welfare of workers and birds who make contact. Calcium sulfate is noncorrosive, increasing the life of poultry house equipment and structures.

A Better Start for Your Next Flock
Other litter amendments lose their ammonia control capability after several weeks. pH Shield treated litter has less caking for easier house preparation and is lower in pH at the end of the flock, which provides better ammonia control at the start of the next flock.

Improve Nutrient Management
pH Shield dramatically improves litter value by adding calcium and sulfate for a more balanced fertilizer value while reducing the amount of soluble phosphorous – Water extractable phosphorus (WEP). Testing for litter WEP when Nutrient management planning (NMP) will allow more litter to be applied per acre without exceeding allowable phosphorous levels.  This keeps the P where you need it – in the field available for crops.

pH Shield protects you, your flock and the environment!

pH Shield Organic Ammonia Control

  • Apply pH Shield evenly at a rate of 1351bs per 1,000 sq. ft. just before equipment is lowered.
  • pH Shield must become slightly damp to activate. Apply 2 gallons water per 1,000 sq. ft with sprayer or use a high-pressure washer to fog the room. Be sure most of the white color is gone before chicks are placed.
  • For added ammonia control, preheat the house for 48 hours.  Then, run fans to exhaust ammonia before placing pH Shield.
  • Apply with precision drop spreader

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Litter conditioners: Using regular gypsum provides all the benefits of pH Shield without aggressive ammonia control.

Pulverized GypsumPulverized Gypsum Litter Conditioner

  • Particle size from 1/4″ to dust
  • Variable particle size delivers variable release
  • Top dress litter before bird placement or apply to wet caked areas as needed
  • Application rate 1851bs per 1,000 sq., ft. or as needed
  • Broadcast with “vicon” style spreaders or drop spreaders designed for powder
  • Premix with litter up to 10% by weight

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Ultra fine gypsumUltra-Fine Organic Gypsum Litter Conditioner

  • Finely ground powder
  • Top dress litter before bird placement or apply to wet caked areas as needed
  • Application rate 1851bs per 1,000 sq., ft. or as needed
  • Apply with drop spreader or by hand
  • Premix with litter or shavings up to 10% by weight

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USA Gypsum Drop Spreader for Powder

  • Precision control for accurate placement of powders
  • 5ft coverage width
  • 13 cu.ft. hopper 500-1,000lb capacity
  • Ground driven easy to pull with ATV
  • Ground drive with Lock out for towing

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“Ammonia concentration, litter moisture and pH were significantly lower in the gypsum treatment than the shavings treatment at both 21 and 40 day of age. No differences in broiler performance, livability or paw score were observed” University of Georgia, Athens, GA

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