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Soil Remediation, Stabilization & Drilling

Soil Remediation

USA Gypsum for Soil Remediation, Stabilization or Drilling Mines

Oil and gas drilling sites, superfund sites, mines, landfills, industrial sites such as refineries, smelters, foundries, milling and plating facilities, and other sites with contaminated or disturbed soils exhibit a variety of problems that can often be addressed effectively and directly through the use of gypsum—sometimes combined with other soil amendments.

gas well

These problems include:

  • Aluminum (Al) toxicity
  • Poor soil aggregation
  • High sodic levels
  • Lead stabilization
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated soils

Ultra-Fine calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) acts an an inexpensive source calcium in drilling fluids. It is also used as an alternative to lime as a source of calcium when high pH in not desired in drilling mud.

  • Precipitate soluble carbonates from drilling muds
  • Provides Calcium to prevent hydration of shales and clays

USA Gypsum Comes in Various Forms and Sizes to Meet Your Needs:

Pulverized GypsumPulverized Gypsum

  • Variable particle sizes deliver extended release
  • Broadcast with “vicon” style spreaders or drop spreaders designed for powder

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Granular GyspumGranular Gypsum

  • Free flowing, low dust, slower release
  • Broadcast with any style fertilizer spreader

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Pelleted GypsumPelleted Gypsum

  • Fastest acting form of gypsum
  • Low dust, free flowing
  • Broadcast with any fertilizer spreader
  • Care must be taken to keep completely dry until applied

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Pulverized Damp GypsumPulverized Damp Gypsum

  • Must be applied with damp lime or litter spreaders
  • Available in bulk only. Call 717-335-0379 for current pricing

Customized Gypsum Solutions 

USA Gypsum can provide customized milling, blending, screening and packaging including bags and super sacks for your soil remediation needs. Our knowledgeable staff has worked with many companies, both small and large, to create custom finished materials to meet their specific needs.


Our facility can receive and ship via end dumps, flatbeds, vans, or containers.

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