Pulverized Gypsum

Pulverized gypsum is the most economical USA Gypsum product! It supplies calcium and sulfate without raising pH and is great for many acid-loving plants.


Great for acid loving plants such as:

  • Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and cucumbers
  • Most fruit such as apples and berries
  • Christmas trees and most hardwoods
  • Azaleas, rhododendrons and roses

Gypsum will improve your soil

  • Fast acting and soluble
  • Incorporates into the soil without tillage
  • Loosens clay and compacted soils
  • Corrects de-icing damage
  • Repairs animal urine spots

Pulverized gypsum, USA Gypsum Products


Pulverized Gypsum

Elemental Calcuim.....21.0%
Elemental Sulfur (S).....17.0%

Calcium Sulfate (CaSo4).....96.0%

Moisture (Maximum).....19.0%



Screen Size

% Retained













Damp - Broadcast with damp lime spinner spreader
Dry - Vicon type broadcast spreaders or drop spreaders

Available in bulk, super sacks or 50 lb. paper bags



USA Gypsum is able to provide full service delivery including traffic and distribution services for all customers. Transportation can vary depending on customer needs and requirements.  USA Gypsum is also experienced in exports.


Soil Benefits

USA Gypsum is 21% calcium and 17% sulfate. It is one of those rare materials that perform in all three categories of soil treatment: an amendment, conditioner and fertilizer. It is a fast release source of sulfur and calcium. When dissolved it releases an equal proportion of calcium and sulfate. Gypsum is 100% more soluble than lime! Increases calcium without effecting pH.


What will USA Gypsum do for my soil? Gypsum interacts with water to reduce crusting. Gypsum loosens clay and compacted soil, improving the structure. Great for no-till! Improved soil aggregation and permeability will allow easier penetration of surface applied fertilizers. Provides a low cost remedy for acid, sodic and erosion prone soils.


What will USA Gypsum do for my crops, lawn or garden? Plants need calcium to produce early root growth, encourage production and increase calcium content of the crop. Gypsum prevents some plant disease in produce such as scab or bitter pit.


Application: 1-2 tons per acre.


Composting Amendment

USA Gypsum works by preventing fermenting compost from giving off large quantities of nitrogen in the form of ammonia. Gypsum ties up this nitrogen as ammonium sulfate. Retaining nitrogen reduces unpleasant odors. Gypsum also improves compost aeration, and enhances the microbial growth. Maximize use of recycled waste!

Application: 300 lbs. per ton of compost. Add as compost accumulates.


Clear Muddy Ponds

Gypsum clears muddy water by causing the tiny soil particles to clump together and settle out.  Contact us for application rates.



USA Gypsum is safe! It is not harmful to people or animals and will not “burn” plants.


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